Pacific 2012… The Diary continued (2)

“0730hrs (Tokyo), Friday 11 05 2012

36 28.731 N, 145 38.638 E, Cabin Temp 22.1 C, Batteries 12.4 Amp.


Another very bumpy ride last night. Being pushed SE by NW wind. Still blowing. Need to push east, so will deploy drogue and try to come round to course.

As the crow flies, I’m 239nm from Choshi Marina.”


“0915hrs (Tokyo), Saturday 12 05 2012

36 00.362 N, 146 27.187 E, Cabin Temp 27.4 C, Batteries 13 Amp.

No drogue. No para anchor. Set rudder to course heading almost due east. Hot brekkie this :) Had quick chat with shore support. Responded to emails. Try to get some sleep tonight. Will aim to send short video to send back to shore ( Blue sky with some clouds, good wind. Got word that Sarah Outen intends to leave Choshi tomorrow – cool beans. A few birds around today. Maybe petrels?

Approx 1330hrs local – almost capsized. Big slam dunk from starboard wave. Boat turned heavily to port, water up gunwhales. Baled water (electric pump). Checked all lockers, watermaker locker had build up of water inside – cleaned it out. Tested watermaker, still works.”


“0907hrs (Tokyo) 13 05 2012

36 30.307 N, 147 19.758 E, Cabin Temp 24.9 C, Batteries 13.2 Amp

On drogue, using current and wind to drive me NE towards waypoint ‘Pac 2’ which is 1,331nm away!

Managed to boil some water this morning and re-hydrated a chicken korma. Makes a change from all the sweet snacks I’ve been living off recently. Enough water for hot chocolate too.

Just listened to ‘Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy’ – hilarious!

Condensation in cabin is an issue. Just started re-reading ‘Flashman’ – funny!!! Really impressed with Telaurus – support is fantastic – kit supplied; excellent – thank you :-)

Wind and current changed several hours ago, heading east now at 1640hrs. Approx 330nm from Choshi, average 41nm per day. Sarah Outen left Choshi this morning – Good Luck!”


“0630hrs (Tokyo), 14 05 2012

36 26.771 N, 148 15.577 E, Cabin Temp 23.9 C, Batteries 12.8 Amp

Vessel “London Express” is 14nm due south of, destination is Yokohama.

Fairly restless night due to backache. Hard to get comfy. Condensation dripping onto face like some form of water torture. Messages certainly are good for morale although one or two do bring a tear (of joy!) to the eye. Continuing to be taken East South East, but wind is dying out over next 24hrs, then southerly due to kick in, increasing to 30knots over next 3 days. So, check over Blossom, move food, admin, rest and wait…”


“1705hrs (Tokyo), 15 05 2012

35 52.981 N, 149 57.250 E, Cabin Temp 22.1 C, Batteries 13 Amp

What an amazing day! (entry in logbook reads ‘see emails dated today’ – must have a look and find out what was so amazing!). Wind due to pick up from south. Close to breaking 400nm DMG (Distance Made Good). Still a long way to go, but targets are important if achievable.

Need to try ‘iPadio’ tomorrow. Need to raise my voice volume when doing (video) diary. Jake McQueen – what a star! (donated an amount of £).”