Challenges_mosaic_imageI started my challenges in 2005.

So 2014 marks ten years of challenges; ten years of the ‘inspired to do more’ philosophy that I champion, and that others have so generously supported and given of their time, effort and funds to help me achieve.

The five challenges I’ve completed or attempted have inspired ME to do more; to give more; to be more. But I have a further six challenges that I would like to attempt. Completing them will involve yet more physical and mental effort, but – with your help and support and commitment – I hope I can continue to inspire others to achieve their own ‘impossibles’, no matter what they may be and no matter how seemingly big or small they may appear to others.

Use this section – and the drop-down menu above – to read more about my past challenges and those I have planned for the future. If you’d like to help me achieve my goals with any of them, no matter what you think you can offer, I’d love to hear from you. Do contact us.

2005 Polar Challenge: Racing 320 miles on skis, to the North Pole. Avoid the polar bears.

2006 Atlantic Rowing Challenge: Four men. One boat. And 3,118 miles of ocean.

2012 Pacific Rowing Challenge: Unforgiving. Unpleasant. Unkind. And a typhoon. The Pacific Ocean is tough.

2013 Devizes to Westminster: A canoe race like no other.

2013 London to Paris: Easy by Eurostar. Physically exhausting in an open rowing boat.

2014 Row the Channel: Sea trials for Blossom, the boat that beat Typhoon Mawar.

2015 South Pole: I’m after another world record: the first team to reach the South Pole by microlight.

2015 JOGLE with a difference: Commemorating 75 years of British Army Bomb Disposal. And practice for the Big Pull.

2016 Return to the Pacific: A second attempt at the world record. Unsupported. Solo. Continent to continent.

2017 The Big Pull: Across the US by boat. Overland.

2017 Atlantic Part II: Bring Blossom home. Under my own power.