Give Them a Sporting Chance



Ben Goss was a teacher at Gordonstoun School (Charlie’s alma mater) when he founded Give Them A Sporting Chance in 1990. He had the vision that it would provide people with fun, life-changing experiences and an opportunity to see beyond themselves.




A Sporting Chance is recommended by someone, in an organisation or a group, for a carer or a disabled person, regardless of their age or ability.

A unique feature of the charity is that in return for living their dream through a Sporting Chance, the recipient is asked to raise funds for a charity of their own choice, but not Give Them A Sporting Chance. The sum raised is not important but the concept of looking beyond ourselves to others who might be less fortunate is vital.

Give Them a Sporting Chance is run entirely by volunteers. With generous support from individuals and organisations we have arranged hundreds of adventures. A vast array of charities has received funds through the fundraising of recipients. (Look at ‘Realising Dreams’ on our website to see the range).

Give Them a Sporting Chance has created the dreams of many which initially seemed out of reach; we have given people, of all ages, memories of a lifetime.

If you would like to recommend someone for Give Them a Sporting Chance do contact Ben Goss at or complete the nomination form on our web page.

Ben Goss
Founder and Chairman


The focus, dedication, attention to detail and the ability to pick himself up, dust himself down after disappointment are characteristics of Charlie Martell.

I have know Charlie for more than 25 years and coupled with his energy, his sense of fun, adventure and loyalty make him an outstanding person.

I feel honoured to work alongside him on the Management Team of Give Them a Sporting Chance and how many charities have a Director that attempts to row the Pacific for their cause!

To have Charlie now contemplating a quadrathon, the Pacific row, the Atlantic row coupled with the ‘tow’ from John O’Groats to Land’s End and across America is remarkable.

Ben Goss


Charlie says:

Mr Goss – as he was to me when I was at Gordonstoun – was a great inspiration in so many ways himself. He has remained a great friend in the years since leaving school and I’m very proud to be a member of the Sporting Chance management team. GTaSC was a natural choice to select as one of my Pacific crossing beneficiaries.

I remain inspired by the charity’s slogan: ‘no act of human kindness is ever wasted.’ “