Talking2Minds was established in 2008 with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from PTSD or other severe stress-related conditions.

Initially, the offer of help was focused entirely on military sufferers. However, as the charity’s success quickly became known and spread by word of mouth, the charity was soon approached by all sectors of society, including the ‘blue light’ services and those who had suffered trauma through abuse and horrific accidents.

Talking2Minds now aims to help as many people as possible.

“To be able help make a positive difference in someone’s life is truly humbling. Since having seen my own symptoms fall away over a very short period of time I decided to study non medical approaches and disciplines and went on to become the key founder of Paradigm Therapy™. My intent is simply to help others pick up the pieces and heal the mental scars to find their own peace of mind.”

Bob Paxman, Founder and Chief Executive for Talking2Minds

Talking2Minds has helped many, many people – and those beneficiaries are effusive in their praise:

“I had the mentality that I am a Royal Marines Officer and I should be able to cope and not show emotion as that would make me less of a man. So I just didn’t talk about it and bottled everything up.”

Neil Christie


“The miracle of the self to transform has amazing powers”

Steve Pratt, Ex 22 SAS


“Talking2Minds has given me my life back, they have given me an opportunity to be the proud man I once was, the change has not only affected me but my partner, my children and my parents. I feel proud of myself for making those difficult steps but I would never look back.”


Charlie says:

There’s no shame associated with PTSD. It’s time to lift that stigma, which is just what T2M is doing. It’s a small charity, doing a great job – as witnessed by the huge demand for its services, and Bob’s unique approach. I think they’re hugely deserving of our help, which is why I’ve chosen them as one of my beneficiaries for the next round of challenges.”