The Dynasafe Group is a world leader in CBRNe risk mitigation with proven international experience. It is the only organisation capable of surveying, locating, clearing, containing, transporting and disposing of CBRNe material. Dynasafe provides the most comprehensive and technologically superior range of integrated solutions, equipment and services.

Our vision is to protect mankind from threats caused by explosive devices and hazardous materials. We have over twenty years of experience operating in regions affected by land mines, unexploded ordnance or terrorist activity.

The group was formed in 2012 from the well-known market leaders GRV-Luthe (Germany), BACTEC (UK), MineTech (UK) – all active in area clearance – and Dynasafe Demil & Protection Systems (both Sweden) – active in conventional/chemical munitions destruction and EOD systems, bomb disposal and explosion protection. The headquarters is located in London, UK.