Pacific 2012… The Diary continued (3)

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“0730hrs (Tokyo), Wednesday 16 05 2012

36 02.436 N, 150 45.170 E, Cabin Temp 22 C, Batteries 13Amp.

Still riding the Kuroshio current , heading North East with the assistance of a southerly wind swinging round to the south west later. Miserable grey sky and rain.

I suspect I only have a few more days in the Kuroshio current, then it will be row, row, row… providing wind is not against me.

My next major waypoint “Pac 2″ is 1195nm away as the crow flies, on a bearing of 067. I wonder how long it will take to get (near) there!!!”


“0620hrs (Tokyo), Thursday 17 05 2012

36 21.550 N, 151 30.206 E, Cabin Temp 23.5 C, Batteries 12.5 Amp.

Admin done – breakfast (porridge, coffee), cleaned footwell, checked watermaker locker, sent emails, sorted kit out in cabin after yesterday/last night’s bumpy ride.

Hot, sunny day today, will need plenty of water and breaks, but will need to push on eastwards (wind is Westerly 5mph from 0900-1800 :) )

On this day two years ago, Dave T. and Chris C were killed in an air crash in Afghanistan. RIP guys.

1750hrs – knackered. Not a huge distance rowed, probably about 25nm or so. Good hot scran “Babottie” by ‘Back Country Cuisine’ – recommend it!

So, am through the £11k mark (raised for charity – Give Them a Sporting Chance and Toe in The Water) and Discovery Channel (video was a success – awesome! Chuffed to bits!”


“0650hrs (Tokyo), Friday 18 05 2015 (end of week 2)

36 33.848 N, 151 43.773 E, Cabin Temp 18.1 C, Batteries 12.4 Amp.

So, next 6-9hrs look to be rubbish conditions, a minor defeat in the big scheme of things.

Going to be a long day :( That said, seeing dolphins yesterday and getting them on video was great! :) And scran last night was fantastic! :)

So, looking at weather forecast, I should look to row from 1500-1615hrs. Hot wets, scran, video diary, then row on again until 2100hrs and push east and recover lost ground. At least wind is in my favour until 0900hrs (approx).”


“0500hrs (Tokyo), Saturday 19 05 2012

36 44.605 N, 151 44.190 E, Cabin Temp 21.7 C, Batteries 12.4 Amp.

1640hrs, on drogue. Although wind is north westerly, waves are all over the place. Will be an uncomfortable night again, heading south, south west.

YellowBrick 3 (YB3) not working. YB2 activated. Not receiving text from today. Hopefully be able to row tomorrow morning and push north east. Nice (1st) email from Lizzie today :)”


“0600hrs (Tokyo), Sunday 20 05 2012

36 39.346 N, 151 58.442 E, Cabin Temp 19.6 C, Batteries 12.4 Amp.

Good night’s sleep and was up at 0400hrs. Disappointed to see I’ve made another loop :( – in fact this morning, feel a bit pi**ed off and generally unhappy. No idea why. Had a chat with myself to buck my ideas up. Thought about those whom have sent me positive messages. Looked at notes/messages on cabin roof. All helps.

It’s a grey, dreary day. Foul weather kit on. Need to make some progress. Been sat in this area too long now. Time to crack on.

Target today – 14.4nm – no where near achieved. 5nm (DMG) max.

F*cking hard mentally – really. This (poor weather) will last until until Thursday. As Leo would say, ‘Need to keep you sh*t together.’

Tomorrow’s another day…


serious ocean selfie

Pacific 2012… The Diary continued…

Rowing away from Japan towards the USA, across the Pacific Ocean

Rowing away from Japan towards the USA, across the Pacific Ocean


Having recently dug out my logbook, I thought I might share some more diary entries with you.

“0610hrs (Tokyo time), Tuesday 08 05 2012

36 49.125 N, 143 27.399 E, Cabin Temp 24.4 C, Batteries 12Amp each.

Some really encouraging messages from numerous supporters including my father, sister, Ben G. (list of names in my logbook).

Tweeted by Matthew Pinsent and Ben Fogle”


“1045hrs (Tokyo time), Wednesday 09 05 2012

Rowed from about 1600hrs yesterday through until past midnight. Headed due south, towards Kuroshio Current. As soon as I was in it, steering became problematic. Put out para-anchor. Called Tony (shore support). I had rowed approximately 12 miles and was aiming for 20-25 miles. Hands blistered. Was knackered.

Luckily, para-anchor pulling me east at the time of writing. I’ve tried to row further south, deeper into the current, but with wind against me it’s just not happening. Being blown NE. Not ideal but must wait for wind to die down before I can head S/SE again. It’s frustrating, but must focus on bigger picture – days, weeks, months still to go”

Conditions for 09 05 2012:

UTC 1900-0400 Veering 10knots = Tokyo 0400-1300

UTC 0400-0700 NW 10knots = Tokyo 1300-1600

UTC 0700-1000 NW 15knots = 1600-1900

UTC 1000-1300 NW 20-25knots = 1900-2200

UTC 1300-1900 WNW 25knots = 2200-0400

UTC 1900-0400 W 25knots = 0400-1300


“0455hrs (Tokyo time), Thursday 10 05 2012

36 38.941 N, 144 22.154 E, Cabin Temp 22.9C, Batteries 12.2Amp each

In the Kuroshio as of 1900hrs last night. Dropped para-anchor as it had started raining, I was tired and hungry. Thunder and lightning through the night – bumpy ride – Blossom did well. I thought we were going to capsize on several occasions. Very little sleep, but need to eat and row to maintain latitude of 36 36.000N and take advantage of strong winds later.

With strong winds came rain. High seas. Pushed NE whilst on anchor, then drogue. As soon as it all died down, drogue stowed, now heading east expecting NW winds later so should be pushed back into the current.

Some great messages received!”

Conditions for 10 05 2012:

UTC 2100-0600 W25-30 = Tokyo 0600-1500

UTC 0600-1200 NW 30-25 = Tokyo 1500-2100

UTC 1200-1800 NW 20 = Tokyo 2100-0300


A video diary of 10th May 2012 can be viewed here: