Tony Humphreys


Tony Humphreys established Ocean Pursuits out of a passion for the ocean and helping people achieve their ambitions.

On joining the Pacific 2012 management team, he brought with him more than 20,000 miles of sailing experience and a unique understanding of the perils and pitfalls facing ocean rowers, having managed four Atlantic Ocean rowing races, two Indian Ocean races and supported numerous independent ocean rows. Tony is a master at understanding ocean issues, both at the planning stages and also during the crucial crossing itself.

Planning and preparation are key to the success of any ocean voyage; Tony’s input into the Pacific 2012 project brought us well-established connections within the marine industry and an almost encylopaedic knowledge gained from his involvement with a variety of previous ocean voyages.

Tony provides ongoing support in the form of weather routing, navigational advice and route planning.  Tony’s advice and clear thinking ahead of tropical storm Mawar was undoubtedly a major factor in Charlie’s good health and Blossom’s eventual recovery.